Aug 03

Bold predictions: Athletics will win AL West

File:Josh Donaldson 20130625.jpgNow that the trade deadline has come and gone we get to see what the final teams pretty much will look like.  Yes, trades can still happen if players make it through the waiver wire but the big names are likely off the market.  I predict that the Oakland Athletics will win the American League West with the LA Angels finishing second.  Now that the Baltimore Orioles have finished playing the Angels, Athletics and Mariners in a long stretch of games it is clear that the Athletics are the most complete team.  

The Athletics added John Lester to an already great starting pitching staff and while they may not hit for average they still hit for power and play good defense like the Orioles.  The starting pitching keeps the Athletics in all games even when the offense is not rolling.  Yes the Angels can hit and have the scariest lineup and good pitching but the Athletics pitching is just shutdown.

It will be a fight in the West and they will have at least one wild card team but from what I saw against the Orioles the Angels lineup can get shutdown because good pitching beats good hitting.  If the Orioles make the playoffs the Athletics are the team I fear the most.  Starting pitching and power hitting is a good formula.

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