Jul 16

A few reasons to watch The 2014 Triple-A All-Star Game

2014 Triple-A All-Star-GameThe Triple-A All-Star Game always seems to take a back seat when you compare it to the Future’s Game, and with good reason. The Future’s Game is always so exciting. The major sports networks always build up the excitement talking about how people will get the chance to see all the young great phenoms of today’s game on one night.

I’ll be honest; I am one of those people who does get excited for the Future’s Game very year. I like to see who could possible make a difference in the big leagues in a few years’ time. However, this year I am more excited for the Triple-A All-Star Game than I was for the Future’s Game.

As a matter of fact, every year people should want to see the Triple-A All-Star Game over the Future’s Game. Yes, the Future’s Game has more hype from the media due to the young players but those players most likely will not make it to the major leagues for at least couple years.

The players in the Triple-A All-Star Game have a better chance of making an immediate impact on the major league game. Most of the Triple-A all-stars are on the cusp of getting to the majors. Some may even be called up as a September call-up and help their major league team get into the playoffs.

Of course the Triple-A all-stars are not as young and hyped up as the Future’s Game’s all-stars but they are still good. 86 players who have played in the Triple-A All-Star game have gone on to play in the Major League All-Star Game.

Some of these players might even be up for trade considerations in the next few weeks too. You have a chance to see these players now before you can see them in the big leagues. You can even get a look at the lone Norfolk Tide, Iván DeJesús, Jr.

The most thrilling part of this whole thing is you can watch it on TV. The 2014 Triple-A All-Star Game is on MLB Network tonight at 7:00. There are no Major League Baseball games on tonight or any other major sport game so what is your excuse not to?

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