Jun 30

How deep is the safety position for the Redskins?

The Washington Redskins had a weak spot at safety last season. That may change with the addition of Ryan Clark the former Pittsburgh Steelers safety. Bringing in Clark was a smart decision for the Washington Redskins as he played all 16 games last year, over 100 tackles, and he’s a great leader for the Redskins younger safety’s.

The Redskins still have Tanard Jackson who was suspended last year. Jackson can still help the Redskins with his hard hitting ability and the great hands he has.

Brandon Meriweather who has played for the Redskins for a couple of seasons is looking to stay healthy. Meriweather has missed 18 games the last two seasons with the Redskins. Meriweather was a two-time pro bowler for the New England Patriots in the 2009 and 2010 season.

Phillip Thomas is coming off an injury that caused him to miss his rookie season. Thomas was projected to be a starting safety last year with Meriweather. Thomas is one player fans should pay attention to as he may start for the Redskins in the up coming 2014-15 season.

Bacarri Rambo is entering his second season for the Redskins. Being picked in the sixth round in 2013, Rambo had low expectations. Rambo exceeded expectations by playing in eleven games and starting in three of them. It does not look like he will start but expect him to make some appearances for the team as safety or some special teams.

The Redskins have Akeem Davis and Ross Madison as backup safeties right now as they will compete for a roster spot. Davis and Madison are both rookie safeties and if they make the roster they will most likely play special teams.

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