Jun 28

Wizards Pick Up Andre Miller's Contract for 2014-2015 Season.

NBA: Playoffs-Chicago Bulls at Washington Wizards The Wizards offseason has started as they have announced that they informed veteran point guard Andre Miller that they will pick up his team option for the 2014-2015 season. Miller will make $4.6 million next year through the team option.

Since being acquired on February 20th from the Denver Nuggets Miller has been very important on and off the court to the Wizards star player John Wall. The 14 year veteran played in only 28 games for the Wizards and only averaged 3.8 PPG however Miller impact with Wall has been the main reason for the Wizards bringing him back.

In the playoffs Miller provided glimpses of that old-man game that helped propel the Wizards into the second round of the playoffs. Miller was not only a consistent backup point guard to Wall he electrified the Washington crowd on countless occasions with stellar outlet passes to lead the very athletic Wizards squad on fast breaks.

While $4.6 million may be a little more than deserved for someone who averaged just 3.8 PPG for the franchise however the steady play and veteran leadership he brings to the team and star point guard John Wall are worth every penny of the $4.6 million.

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