Feb 17

Ravens extend Suggs

120px-Michael_Vick_after_a_play,_November_2006The Baltimore Ravens have signed Terrell Suggs to a four-year contract extension which should keep Suggs with the Ravens for the rest of his career.  Suggs and the Ravens needed to agree on a new deal in order to keep Suggs because he would have cost too much against the Ravens salary cap this season.

Suggs had 10 sacks last season but his production faded later in the season.  Suggs is a valuable leader and player.

The Ravens are in a decent salary cap situation but still need to find a way to keep Dennis Pitta, the money saved with Suggs’ extension could go a long way in keeping Pitta.  The cap number for Suggs down greatly according to this tweet from Jeff Zrebiec.


Here is a tweet from the Ravens about the deal.



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