ARROW – "Identities" Discussion

“What’s the identity of this season?” That question circled my head after viewing the latest entry (Episode 2) from ARROW’s second season, “Identities”. The episode was able to immediately pick up from where “City of Heroes” left off, but wasn’t as spectacular as the season opener. Despite that, it was a thoroughly enjoyable episode, and raised quite a few questions as well.

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Ravens hire Gary Kubiak as offensive coordinator

Gary_Kubiak_in_2008The Baltimore Ravens have hired Gary Kubiak as their offensive coordinator.  The Ravens had the offensive coordinator position come open after Jim Caldwell was hired as the Detroit Lions head coach.  Kubiak brings with him Rick Dennison his former offensive coordinator to be the Ravens quarterback coach.

Kubiak is a great hiring for the Ravens has he is a very experienced coach.  Kubiak was the head coach of the Houston Texans for parts of eight seasons.  As a head coach Kubiak has a losing record at 61-64 in the regular season.

Kubiak was an offensive coordinator for the Denver Broncos before getting hired by the Houston Texans.  Last season Kubiak had health scares but is only 52 years old and is in good health.
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Johnny Manziel could be the next big NFL bust

800px-Johnny_ManzielIt is no secret that Johnny Manziel is entering the NFL draft after only his Sophomore season. Historically, I have been very good at predicting quarterback busts, I predicted that Brady Quinn, Mark Sanchez, JaMarcus Russel and Matt Leinart would be busts. Manziel is the next quarterback that that I predict will be a bust.

This is nothing against Manziel, he is a fantastic college quarterback and a fantastic football player. Manziel is mobile but I do not think this speed will translate as well in the NFL and he needs better ball protection. Manziel also does not have the strongest arm. In bad weather I highly doubt that Manziel will be effective against NFL defenses.
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The greatest college game ever?

And I found the box score to go with it. I know what I was doing in March 9, 1974. I was stationed right in front of my television set. Can’t swear to it but I doubt I took a restroom break. Now the experts say there was not one single turnover in regulation. That sounds amazing.

Let’s set the table again. 7-foot-4 Tommy Burleson and super small guard Monte Towe. The future Baltimore Orioles fireballer Tim Stoddard, at power forward. Also playing for NC State that night was guard Mo Rivers, forward Phil Spence and of course the superstar David Thompson.
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ARROW – "City of Heroes" Discussion

After much anticipation (at least from me), ARROW is back in full-swing for its season 2 opener, “City of Heroes”. When trying to find a continuing point from such an extraordinary finale, television shows can either triumph or fall when moving forward. Luckily, ARROW strikes the bulls-eye, as “City of Heroes” not only triumphs, but also establishes a brand new tone for the second season. Read more about ARROW – "City of Heroes" Discussion