Dec 29

Ravens season over but there is more to come

400px-Justin_Tucker_(cropped)It is a sad day for Ravens Nation as the Baltimore Ravens lost to the Cincinnati Bengals 34 to 17 and are eliminated from the playoffs.  My report cards on the game will be coming this week as usual.

This is the first season in five years that the Ravens have failed to watch the playoffs.  Joe Flacco and John Harbaugh as a team have always made the playoffs.  Maybe the lack of Ray Lewis and Ed Reed really did have an effect, not on the field but in the locker room.

Flacco was injured at the end of the season, it is a broken record but the offensive line was the teams Achilles Heel.  I will be doing a full season review but if you go back and read all the report cards that should give you a good idea of how the season was.  I do not recall ever grading the offensive line B or higher many times if at all.

I will also be having more player profiles coming for the Ravens that will be with the Ravens for a while.  Thanks for reading all our stuff this season.

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