Dec 01

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin should be suspended one game

By now everyone knows about what Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin did during the Baltimore Ravens Pittsburgh Steelers Thanksgiving game. Tomlin was on the field of play while Jacoby Jones returned a kick and got out of the way after he already forced Jones to change his stride. The internet has exploded with tons of memes and photo’s of the Tomlin.

The result of the play ended in Jones getting tackled, Jones speed was clearly decreased and it stopped Jones from scoring a touchdown.

Coaches are not allowed on the field of the play and the play should have at least resulted in a penalty but the official that saw it ignored it.  Both Tomlin and the official that did not throw the flag are being reviewed for discipline by the NFL.

According to this tweet from the NFL Network it looks like the Steelers could lose draft picks and will be fined.

In my opinion, I think Tomlin should be suspended one game, that would result in the loss of a game check and would cover the fine.  That penalty would be teach Tomlin a lesson because lets face it not only did he effect a play in an important game he could have got Jones hurt.  Freak accident injuries happen all the time in the NFL and if Jones got tripped and hurt on that play the I am sure the Ravens would have been in an outrage.

A loss of a mid to late round draft pick would also show how serious the NFL is about this innocent. My final discipline would be suspended Tomlin for one game and take away a fifth-round pick. What do you think the Steelers and Tomlin should receive from the NFL for discipline?

Enjoy the video.

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