Sep 10

Sports Bar Review: Buffalo Wild Wings in Owings Mills

I went to the Buffalo Wild Wings in Owings Mills last night with a few of my friends to watch the New Orleans Saints play the Green Bay Packers. It was a very large crowd because of the opening game. This was not the first time I have been to this sports bar. Well, here is the review.

Food-7- I got the nachos. They were great but the other chicken is rather pricey for the small portions that they serve. All in all, good food but with a little better pricing, the rating would go up.  The specials they have make the food more affordable.

Service-3- The waitress did not seem too interested in giving us service. We were there for a couple of hours and had to ask other waitresses for things. The food was made quickly and we got what we wanted, but you had to be outspoken to get a server’s attention.

Viewing Experience-7- Small screens everywhere, the only big screen was a actually four screens put together.  They had a projection for the big screen, not great quality.

Drink Specials-5- Nearly none. The only drinks specials were $3.50 for a tall glass Miller Light draft and a $4.50 Blue Moon seasonal draft (with pumpkin). They could have done a lot better in this category. When I go to a sports bar to watch a game, I expect good drink specials.

Bartenders-9- Every time I go here the bartenders are always quick and kind. One time I went to watch a Baltimore Orioles game and the bartender was a Boston Red Sox fan. This was right after the big David Ortiz Kevin Gregg fight and even though we talked about the fight, we were still about to have a nice conversation about it.

Atmosphere-8- Like I mentioned before, it was crowded for the game. Lots of Saints fans were there to watch the game. It was very loud which was good for this setting. Good for an out-of-town game.

Overall-6- Good food, bad service, and pricey drinks. It’s a nice and clean place to go hang out with some friends. Not a cheap place to go, but the screens make it easy to watch a game from any place in the building. I would have given the bar a better review if the service was better. That was the key factor for me.

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