Aug 17

Sports Bar review: The Green Turtle in Towson

This is yet another part to the Maryland Sports Blog, the Sports Bar review. Basically, whenever I go to a new sports bar I will review it.

For those of you who do not know, I am a big fan of American and Italian food. I consider myself an above-average cook and can be very critical when eating at a restaurant.

The first review will be the Green Turtle in Towson.

I went there on Thursday to watch the game with my friend Colin. It’s a place I have gone often with friends before, but have never sat down and watched sports there.

Right off the bat I will be honest. When I say I did not eat anything there, I mean I have a friend that works their and warned me about the food. I had Colin do the taste testing. He ordered the “Straight Up Burger” and told me it was good.

The drinks were good, they had good specials and a special Ravens-themed shot. The Ravens shot was good, it was purple and grape flavored.

My friend and I had a good time there. The service was great, we had a nice young waitress that put up with me and my friend constantly trying to find the perfect spot to view the game. We settled on one of the booths with a small TV. It was convenient because we could still see the big screens and watch the other games. The quality on the TV was rather poor though and there was a lack of the one real BIG screen.

Ratings: Overall is not a calculated score.

Food-BLANK- Honestly, leaving this blank because I did not try the food. I think that is the most fair way to rate it.

Service-10- The young waitress could not have done a better job. We moved around a bit and she put up with that. She was quick with our orders and did not get anything wrong.

Viewing experience-6- We had our own TV but the game came in fuzzy. It was difficult to find a good table to view the game from. Having a good comfortable view of the game is the number one thing for a sports bar. The Green Turtle of Towson has a ton of TV screens but lack the “perfect” one. I think the 56-inch TV at my house is bigger than any TV they had.

Drink Specials-9- $2.50 for a 32-ounce beer and $2.50 for a special Ravens shot is an awesome deal. One of the shinning factors of the bar.

Bartenders-8- Can not say I have had a bad drink at the Green Turtle. Nothing has really blown me away though. Above average because they provide good service and do it quickly. Some bars have bartenders that fail when it gets over crowded, this is not one of them.

Atmosphere-9- Plenty of Ravens fans. The other guest were not too bad, nobody got out of hand.

Overall-7.5- The Green Turtle in Towson is a good place to get a drink with a friend. You can view a lot of different games, just not well.

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