Jul 19

Tweets of the day

Here some of the winners of the Twitter contest. Shout outs for guessing the right spot for teams in my last NFL power rankings.

@Icesixpack Oops! Denver?Mon Jul 19 02:39:45 via web

@Icesixpack Raiders 23?Mon Jul 19 03:00:23 via web

@Icesixpack 25 RedskinsMon Jul 19 03:25:42 via web

@Icesixpack I guessed 27 Bucs back when we first startedMon Jul 19 03:37:37 via TweetDeck

@Icesixpack 29 Browns 30 LionsMon Jul 19 04:10:29 via web

@Icesixpack 30 ChiefsMon Jul 19 04:12:18 via web

@Icesixpack 31 Lions 32 RamsMon Jul 19 04:13:47 via web

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