Jul 08

NFL power rankings 1-10: Brian Hradsky

1. New Orleans Saints- Drew Brees is one of my favorite players to watch, they can score whenever they want. I can’t take the Superbowl champs out of the top spot.

2. Indianapolis professional football team- Peyton Manning makes any team a contender. He makes his wide receivers look better than they really are. It will be interesting to see this team after two years without Tony Dungy.

3. Baltimore Ravens- Yeah I might be a little bit of a homer but football is run up front and I expect big things out of Terrence Cody, pairing him with Haloti Ngata; the defense will be much improved. Adding Anquan Boldin to the offense will make them lethal.

4. Green Bay Packers- They have an elite quarterback and a solid defense. The offensive line needs improvement and they need more out of their running backs, but when you throw as much as they do running does not look so big.

5. Minnesota Vikings- Quarterback Brett Favre looks like he is coming back. Assuming that he is fully recovered, he should have another big year. Adrian Peterson needs to hold on to the ball better if the Vikings are going to go to the next level.

6. New York Jets- Filled a lot of holes with troubled players, some of which will not start the season. Corner backs are elite on this team so scoring points against this team will be tricky.

7. Dallas Cowboys- The two media darlings are back-to-back, this team finally learned how to play late in the season. The offense is explosive in the running and passing game, but quarterback Tony Romo still makes bad passes.

8. San Diego Chargers- Elite quarterback in Phillip Rivers, top flight wide receivers. Defense is solid, and when it is not, Rivers puts up numbers.

9. Philadelphia Eagles- May not have a proven quarterback but they have all the pieces in the offense.

10. Cincinnati Bengals- They are talented on offense and defense, but they are also their own worst enemy. They have more players get in trouble than any other team.


  1. Pete Lorenz

    The Ravens cannot stop the pass. Having a great front line and veterans in the middle behind them won’t matter to the Bengals and Colts, who went 4-0 against Baltimore last year. They need to figure those teams out first before they get the divisional crown in the preseason.

  2. Brian Hradsky

    Yeah if done today these rankings would have been different. Still there offense is very legit this year, Donte’ Stallworth might be our best receiver, he has dominated all the practices. They added two good young pass catching tight ends, Pitta has looked shaky but Dickson looks great. The corners look like their only major weakness, teams won’t run on them. Ngata is a beast, I met him the other day he is a linebacker in a big guys body, and Cody is huge.

    Don’t know how the whole TO and Ocho thing will work out too many unstable personalities along with Benson and Pacman for me to put them too high. I just can’t trust that it usually doesn’t work.

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